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4 Quick Tips to Help Reach Your Fitness Goals March 31, 2015

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Have you ever tried to test yourself- to try and see how successful you can be at sticking exclusively to your meal plan- meaning no little snacks here and there, no eating the kids’ leftover bites of granola bar, or no small taste of chocolate chip cookie your co-workers bring to work to torture you? How about skipping your workouts because your schedule is so hectic? That may mean that you will have to work out a little later or earlier than normal to fit it in your already busy day.

I have been living consciously in all of my daily moments, recognizing those triggers that tempt me into thinking that it’s ok.  In order to do that, I have incorporated the following four things into my everyday way of thinking:

1. Think before you act

The moment before I reach my hand out to break off a small, tiny piece of that deliciously warm chocolate chip cookie, I ask myself- “Why do I want this cookie?” If the sole reason for me wanting it is because it tastes good and not because it will fuel my body with the nutrients I need to live, then I need to walk away and drink some water. Period.

2. Have a clear vision

Every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed, I envision the body I want to see walking across the stage at my next competition. Keeping this very specific vision in the forefront of my mind, helps me to automatically conjure up that same picture in my mind when I want to have a big bag of potato chips drowned in Louisiana hot sauce. (Not only is my ideal body vision specific, but so are the visions of my ideal snacks!) Obviously, everyone’s vision will be different. Maybe yours will be to see yourself strutting confidently on the beach wearing that hot new bikini or finally being able to get into that complicated yoga pose. Whatever it is, see it clearly, then soon you will be it.

3.  Write it down

Almost every month I write down my goals on a dry erase board at home.  I do this monthly to keep my goals fresh and new, so I won’t get bored or stuck in a place where I neither see nor expect change from myself.  I also put my goals on a board to ensure that I see it everyday. We have to constantly challenge ourselves if we want to become better than we were yesterday.

4.  Don’t give in

We are always confronted with things that could potentially put our fit plan in a position of compromise.  We may be at work and have our healthy lunch packed in our lunch bag, but then we get that visit from our work friends asking if we want to join them for lunch at Taco Bell or wherever.  Although a big Nacho Supreme may sound good, is it worth breaking a commitment to ourself to stick to our meal plan and eating healthy? Those friends will understand.  Sometimes I will still go with them, but I’ll bring my own lunch with me.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I allow myself a snack or two, but if I want to accomplish my goals in the timeframe I want to accomplish them, I have to stick to the plan.  Your goals are important, all you have to do is believe that and do what it takes to work your way to them. You can do it!

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