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3 Ways to To Prevent Bloat March 2, 2015

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For years I battled with digestive issues- you know that bloated feeling you get after eating a big meal? Well, imagine feeling that pain and bloat all day everyday. The only time I felt relief was first thing in the morning before food consumption would begin.  That pain was the main reason why I had little to no appetite and would only be able to eat once or twice a day.  I always felt full, so my brain never sent the message to my stomach that I needed to eat.  Until I decided to make these three changes:

Eat Healthier

This was the easiest part for me. Since I barely ate anyway, I really didn’t have to “give up” any bad foods that were in my diet at the time.  But what I did have to do was create a healthy meal plan.  A plan which would force me to eat at least five times per day- starting with a healthy breakfast (like oatmeal, eggs and blueberries), a healthy snack (like granola and Greek yogurt), a good lunch (like a spinach salad with dried cranberries, feta cheese, pecans, salmon, and an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing), another snack (like sliced apples with peanut butter), and a small dinner (like asparagus and tilapia).

Adding these healthy items not only jump started my appetite, but they also provided enough protein and fiber to help prevent bloat. Oh, and not to mention at least a gallon of water to help with digestion. Speaking of water…

Stay Hydrated

I wasn’t drinking nearly enough water as I should have.  Once I increased my water intake, the bloat slowly, but surely started to go away. But the most effective way I have found to help ease my stomach pain and increase regularity, is to drink water hot or room temperature water with lemon. There are many benefits to drinking water in this way, but the most important ones are aiding in digestion and flushing out toxins, which are key in keeping the intestines and colon healthy. (Take Somaya’s 7 Day Water Challenge here.)

Enzymes Everyday

As my diet is current high in fiber and protein, I found that taking digestive enzymes at least once per day helped my body breakdown those foods to help prevent bloat. Fiber is non digestible and unabsorbable within the intestines. This means that it can travel through the intestinal tract having the potential to clog things up. The enzymes break it down to allow for normal digestion and decreased bloat.

Sometimes a great deal of our health problems can be solved by changing our diet.  Do you research, find what works for you, and watch how your body reacts. You deserve to feel good…make it happen!

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5 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil February 23, 2015

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Coconut oil and its million uses has become a trending topic in the healthy living lifestyle.  Coconut has  been dubbed a “superfood” by many and “lifesaver” by many more.  The fat in coconut oil has many health and fitness benefits, as it is digested and absorbed in the body much faster than other fats and is stored as energy, not fat. Yes, please!

In scientific studies, coconut oil has been shown to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. Coconuts also have anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties. In case you haven’t been sold on coconut oil yet, here are 5 great uses for the coconut…

1. Use for baking

Next time you make your favorite brownie or cake recipe, replace the vegetable oil with coconut oil. It creates the same texture as vegetable oil does, except it adds a more flavorful taste.  The kids will love it!

2. Use to make popcorn

First, add the coconut oil and popcorn to a heavy bottomed pot. Coat the inside of the pot with the oil and use just enough popcorn to make a single layer over the bottom of the pot. Shake the pot a bit to make sure all of the kernels are coated with oil. Next, place the pot over medium heat. Put a lid on the pot, leaving it  open slightly so that steam can escape. It should take about five minutes for the popcorn to pop completely. Toss or drizzle the popcorn with more coconut oil.

3. Use on bug bites

The natural pain relief properties of coconut oil is great to use directly on skin irritations and rashes like bug bites, poison ivy,and sunburn. Rub the oil on the affected area and let the sweet relief begin.  Keep a little jar of of it in your purse and you’ll alway be ready for those days at the pool, park, or soccer field with the kids.

4. Use to replace butter

Whether you’re make grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids or “buttering” their toast, a dollup of coconut oil is a healthier alternative to butter.

5. Use as a diaper cream

Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial that helps to soothe that stubborn diaper rash. So, the next time baby first shows signs of a diaper rash, slather on a layer of coconut oil to combat that itchy rash. As a bonus, use as a full body moisturizer to keep skin soft and supple…for you and baby.

Though there are thousands of great uses for coconut oil, I hope you found these five to be useful in your daily life.  There are always healthier alternatives to the foods we love and  most of the skin creams we use.  Take care of yourself and your children by getting to know those alternatives and choosing to live healthier in any way you can.

*Please note, if you or your baby have never used coconut oil before, be sure to test a small area of the skin to test for allergies.


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Be Confident In Yourself, Flaws and All December 8, 2014

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[As originally posted on on Sept. 11, 2014]

“It’s called self-esteem.  Esteem of your [motherf@#$ing] self” – Kat Williams

You are the only one who can control how you feel about you.  The messages received from people, whether verbal or non verbal, direct or indirect can have an effect on your self-image.  If you see a model on a magazine cover and you immediately feel less pretty, it’s not the model or the magazine that “makes” you feel that way, it’s your own self.

When one of your kids comments on how big your belly is, it’s not their fault you all of a sudden feel fat. Let’s take control of our esteem and be confident in ourself no matter how many pounds we have gained or how much cellulite we see on our thighs. Own it, love it, and if you don’t like it, do something about it. Just don’t let it define you and be a source of negativity for you.

In light of all the recent news surrounding domestic violence, we all need a wake up call when it comes to our self-esteem.  Never let anyone treat you like you’re nothing. You deserve to be happy and not sad all of the time. You deserve to be loved and not torn down on a daily basis. You deserve to be hugged and not beaten on the regular. You deserve to live freely and not in fear. No matter what you look like or what flaws you may have, it gives no one the right abuse you, mentally OR physically.

I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Wonderful are Your works, And my soul knows it very well. – Psalm 130:14



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Slow and Steady Wins the Race November 3, 2014

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[As contributed to on Sept. 3, 2014]

We have the tendency to get really excited and start making big and sometimes overly ambitious plans when we finally decide to get fit.  We schedule six or seven days of gym or exercise time and buy seven days worth of salad fixins’.  We go to the department store and get 25 cute workout outfits and two pairs of gym shoes to match.  We are ready!

The first day the excitement is at its highest, by mid-week we’re getting a little tired, but we’re still sticking to the plan.  By week’s end, we’re wondering if we can keep this up. So, for the next week we decrease our days at the gym and add in a few meals of “real” food because the salads aren’t cutting it.

By the third week, we barely make it to the gym and all those cute outfits are piling up in the hamper, giving us a great excuse not to go to the gym, right?  We’re starving now, so those salads are  a thing of the past.  They’ve been replaced with big bowls of pasta, donuts, and sweet teas.  But it’s ok, because we can start again next week, right?

Let’s not fall into this crazy cycle. Let’s start our fitness journey the right way… slowly.  In order to succeed, start gradually.  Trade the seven day workout plan to about two or three days.  You can’t go from no days at the gym to seven days, two or three will work better. And don’t load up on salads, instead plan to have a variety of healthy meals at least four or five times per day. Be sure to include a cheat meal during the week to give you something to look forward to and to curb any cravings you may have.

Each week or every other week, add another day to your workout schedule (if you want). But just know, on average, three days per week is just fine as long as you are incorporating healthy eating habits.

Remember, don’t be in a hurry to start your fitness journey. You didn’t gain weight overnight, so don’t expect to lose it all that quickly either. Be patient. You are worth all of the hard work you will put in. Just trust yourself and take your time.


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De-Stress! Try Some Yoga October 20, 2014

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[As originally contributed to on Aug, 26, 2014]

Now that school is back in session for our kiddos, we need to find time for ourselves to de-stress. Though we’d love to relieve our minds and relax our bodies while melting into the couch with a pint of dulce de leche ice cream, let’s try something a bit more healthy.

Yoga is the perfect way to relax your mind, body and spirit while getting in a little strength exercise. If you’ve never tried yoga, you don’t know what you’re missing. There are various styles to choose from, but my favorite for relaxation is hatha yoga. This style moves slower through the poses and holds them longer, thus building flexibility and muscle strength, especially in your core (abdominals).

Here are three more benefits yoga has for your body and spirit:

 Better Posture

As your core gets stronger and your flexibility improves, your posture automatically improves. Practicing yoga with all of its standing and sitting poses will make you more aware of your body. You will begin to correct yourself when slouching, preventing back pain, which can cause headaches, which can lead to stress. And no one likes to be stressed!

Learn to Breathe

With each pose you do in yoga, you practice a special breathing technique that helps your body get centered, calm, and relax deeper than you’ve ever relaxed before. This would really come in handy for those times you walk into the kitchen and see the kids with their legos all over the floor, the dog tracking mud in from the backyard, and the roast burning in the oven… Inhale through the noise, exhale through the mouth.


Usually at the end of every yoga session, especially hatha, you will spend about five to ten minutes in deep meditation. While in a lying or seated position, you will close your eyes, clear your mind, and drift away to a place that is quiet and peaceful. A place with no runny noses, no whining, no piles of laundry, no rush hour traffic…just simple peace and quiet. Ahhhh…

Yoga will give you the tools you need to de-stress while navigating real life. We take on a lot of responsibilities and need all we can to help us get through each day. Why not add a little relaxation into your fitness routine?


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All-Natural Skin Care & Cellulite Reduction Scrub September 9, 2014


[As originally contributed to on 8/5/14]

While we are busy working out and eating healthy, let’s not neglect our skin. Eating clean, all-natural foods is a start to having a healthy body on the inside, but what about the outside?  Our skin is the largest organ of our body and is able to absorb anything we put on it.  Once I really understood that fact, I  began to change my daily skincare regimen.

I went from using chemical-filled facial cleansers to making my own.  I now use this really simple recipe to make facial scrub.  Take one cup of  unmelted virgin coconut oil and one cup of baking soda soda. Mix in a bowl with a fork until well combined and store in a glass mason jar.  I use a very small amount (about a nickel size) every morning and every night. Coconut oil helps strengthen underlying tissues and helps remove excessive dead cell on the skin’s surface that makes your skin rough and flaky. The baking soda is just the right amount of coarseness for removing the top layer of dead skin cells, without causing your sensitive facial skin to become red and irritated. (If you’ve never used coconut oil on your skin, try it on a small test area of the face to ensure you are not allergic.)

I used to put Vaseline on my skin to keep it moist and smooth, but when I realized that I was putting petroleum on my skin, which according to, the “side effects of petrolatum (petroleum jelly) include finding the petroleum byproduct in breast tumors, suffocation of the skin, premature aging and aggravated acne.” Um, no thanks! I recently switched to African shea butter after seeing a man shaving the shea butter out of a big shea nut with a huge knife. He was shaving the shea right into the container from which they were selling it. You can’t get any more natural than that! Needless to say, I bought a couple of containers of it on the spot.

Although I don’t drink coffee because the caffeine gives me a headache, I’ve found a great use for it. Once I began to notice the key ingredient in most cellulite-reducing lotions was caffeine,  I decided to make my own caffeine scrub.  Use half a cup of ground coffee, half a cup of raw sugar, one tablespoon of olive oil, two tablespoons of coconut oil, and one tablespoon of sea salt. Throw the dry ingredients in the bowl first, topped with the oils. Mix well and store in a glass container (mason jar is best). Add more coffee or sugar, depending on the consistency you prefer. Among many other things, caffeine dehydrates fatty cells and minimizes the appearance of cellulite. Who wouldn’t want that!

Fitness and health only starts with diet and exercise. Give these all-natural products and try and see what a difference it makes in your skin.

Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

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Maya’s Favorite Things: Fitness Edition May 18, 2014

There have been about five key things that I have found that I can’t live without, when it comes to my fitness routine. We all have those things that we must take with us every time we go to the gym, go for a run, or for a quick workout at home.

Here are my 5 must haves:
(links get/purchase each item is included in each section)


1. Songza
If you haven’t heard of Songza, you are really missing out. I stumbled across this free music app one day while ready an article on Songza is much like Pandora, except without all of the commercials and with a more comprehensive selection of playlists that you can actually choose from, as opposed to searching blindly.

To give you an example, you can choose the “Brand New Music” icon, which brings you to six music categories to choose from- Big Hits, R&B, Pop, Country, Rap, and New Playlists. Whichever one you choose, you will be lead to comprehensive playlists that includes songs that you can thumbs up (keep on the list) or thumbs down (remove from the list).

There are even playlists that reflect your mood or your current activity. There is a category for driving music, singing in the shower, waking up happy, and more!

My fave playlist for working out is “Today’s Club Bangers” found under the “Working Out” category under “Fast-Paced Rap.” This list is full of all new rap songs that, as suggested in the title, you would hear at the club- perfect for a rigorous workout. Tracks from Wiz Khalifa, B.o.B, Lil Wayne, Trey Songz, Eminem, and even Justin Bieber. I may have only thumbed down about five songs. And the great thing about the playlists are that they are automatically updated. What may have been a “club banger” three months ago will be replaced by a new banger this month. Awesome!

To download to your phone, go to the app store for your device. You can also listen on your computer at

2. Cell Phone Armband
I recently purchased a Samsung Note II armband from ebay for for $4.50. It is made of neoprene, which helps it from slipping down my arm and keeps the sweat away from my phone. I could have easily gotten an armband from a regular store (for about five times more than what I paid), but it has been my experience that those armbands don’t fit my arm correctly. They either slipped down my arm all of the time or the velcro didn’t go around the band far enough, so that it could be secured.

It has two areas in which you can put the band through, depending on your arm size. And it also has a place for your key, in which I place my gym locker key. This is a great feature because I don’t usually have pockets to put it in.

This was a great deal for less than $5.

3. Weight Belt
If you lift weights, whether light or heavy, a weight belt is a great addition to your workout gear. The weight belt helps you to stabilize your core and your back to help prevent injuries when lifting. It also helps to lift heavier weights easier.

I’ve had some ladies tell me that they thought weight belts were only for men. This is obviously not so. You can find weight belts in lots of different colors and designs tailored to women. I did not go the feminine route with my belt. I bought a plain black leather one from for about $15.

So do yourself and your back a favor, invest in a weight belt and start getting the most out of your lifting.

4. African Shea Butter

When you start to really taking care of your body by consuming all of the right foods to take care of your inside, you want to make sure you are also taking care of your outside.

I used to put Vaseline on my skin to keep it moist and smooth, but when I realized that I was putting petroleum on my skin, which according to, “side effects of petrolatum include finding the petroleum byproduct in breast tumors, suffocation of the skin, premature aging and aggravated acne.” Um, no thanks!

I first discovered African Shea Butter at a hair show with some friends. I saw a man shaving the shea butter out of a huge shea nut with a huge knife. He was shaving the shea right into the container from which they were selling it. You can’t get any more natural than that! Needless to say, I bought a couple of tubs of it on the spot. You can also purchase it from

Raw unrefined shea butter is said to be effective for curing skin rashes, skin peeling after tanning, scars, stretch marks, frost bites, burns, athletes foot, insect bites and stings, arthritis and muscle fatigue. Yes, please!

Using just a little bit goes a long way. Because I shower two times a day because of my two-a-day workout schedule, must make sure I stay sufficiently moisturized. When I get out of the shower, I apply some while my skin is still a little damp to really lock in the moisture. Results- healthy, glowing skin all day for less about $10, lasting about 6 months!

5. Yurbuds Earbuds
Over the years, I have tried all kinds of earbuds and have never found ones that would accommodate my abnormally small ears. Maybe I’m alone in this, but my ears are so small that I can’t even put a pencil behind them without it falling off. The same is true for any and all earbuds I have used in the past. I put them in my ears (using the smallest bud selection that comes in the package) and about 5 seconds into my treadmill sprint or one rep into my weight lifting set, they fall out of my ears.

I all but gave up and started using my wide head bands to keep my earbuds in my ears. That worked fine in the winter and cold months, but I don’t want a band around my ears in the summertime making the sides of my head sweat more than the rest of my body. No, thank you!

Fortunately, I found the answer to my earbud prayers while perusing the electronic aisles at Target a last week on Mother’s Day. Lo and behold, there is a product out there just for me and my fellow small-eared ladies.

Yurbuds created a line of earbuds specifically for women with small ears and are “guaranteed never to fall out”- just what I need! Being the skeptic that I am, I was still a little unsure, but was quickly proved wrong. When inserted correctly, these babies don’t move and fit snug in the ear without any movement at all. For about $30, they have acquired a customer for life. To top it all off, the buds were designed by a woman for all of us small-eared women. Thanks, Anna Karayiannis!

Are there any must-haves you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you.



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