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Get Your Mind Right! January 6, 2015

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I’m sure you have already set some great goals for the new year. I’m also sure that a few of those goals are fitness-related. Are you truly mentally ready to tackle those goals? Do you think you have what it takes to to complete those goals? If you answered no to these questions, then you may want to rethink them.

I’m not telling you to give up before you even start, but I want you to be successful. Here are five ways you can ready your mind for the goals you set for yourself.

1. Set short-term goals every week or every other week to keep them at the top of your mind and actively pursuing them.

2. Know that it will be hard and that there will be times that you will fall, but also know that it’s ok to fall, as long as you get back up and keep pushing.

3. There will be temptation all around, but you must be strong and focused on all that you plan to achieve and know that you can do it.

4. Always be prepared by having your meals ready to go at all times. If you’re headed to to run errands all day, have  your lunch bag or cooler packed with the meals you need for the day.

5. You will encounter people who won’t believe that will be able to achieve your goals. They will make fun of the meals you carry with you all the time, they will try to convince you that one donut won’t hurt, and they will tell you all of the reasons why what you are doing won’t work anyway.

Get ready to be met with opposition from your friends, your circumstances, and even yourself.  Be ready to face them all. And most importantly, be ready to plow right through them with your mind focused on your goals and your confidence ready to conquer them all. YOU CAN DO IT!




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