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Rise and Exercise! December 22, 2014

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[As originally contributed to on Sept. 18, 2014]

As moms, we really have to be creative when trying to fit in our workouts. Sometimes it’s not the actual workout, but the getting ready that takes up most of our time. I like to workout first thing in the morning, but doing so takes a lot of work- wake up before the kids, find and put on exercise clothes, find and put on socks and shoes, make my pre-workout drink, get to the gym/head outside/walk to the exercise room (or wherever you go to workout), all while still half-sleep.

So, what can you do to quickly get ready for your morning workout? Here are a few tips to help you out:

  • Make your pre-workout drink the night before, if applicable
  • Place your gym shoes and socks on the floor beside your bed
  • Sleep in the clothes you’re going to work out in

Don’t make the mistake, like I did one time, when I went to bed in flannel jammies- not a pretty sight, drenched in sweat on the treadmill.  Luckily, my treadmill is at home! So, be sure to sleep in shorts and a tank top. Since it is about to be winter time, I will opt to put on jammie pants or sweats over my shorts and a long sleeved shirt over my tank to sleep in. As long as my workout clothes are on, I’m good.

Having the ability to just roll out of bed, slip on my socks and shoes and grab my pre-workout out of the fridge, better enables me to function in my 6:30 a.m. comatose state.  By the time I finish my five minute treadmill warm-up, I’m halfway awake!

Ladies, as long as you prepare and plan, you will succeed.  Stay positive, be creative, and know you are worth the time you put into your fit life!

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