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Shhh… How to Slip the Kids Their Veggies November 24, 2014

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You know how hard it is to get your kids to eat enough vegetables on a daily basis, so sometimes we have to resort to sneak tactics to ensure they get what they need each day. Here are three sure-fire ways to slip the kids their mean greens.

Go Down Smoothie

My son often asks me to make him a smoothie after he sees me with mine. So, one day I was having a smoothie with a spinach salad, I got an idea. With the spinach still on the counter and after getting my son’s request for a blueberry smoothie, in went the spinach. Of course I had to be quick and calculating about it. I blended the almond milk, blueberries and ice first, so that he could see that it turned purple. Then I quickly threw in the spinach, which had no effect on the color and was able to blend right in (no pun intended.)

Because the taste of the spinach was hidden with the sweetness of the blueberries and other flavors, he had no idea he had about two cups of spinach in his drink.

Get Saucy

My kids’ favorite dish is spaghetti, but they get all grossed out when they see extra onions, broccoli, green pepper or spinach on their plates. After getting tired of seeing them picking out all of the healthy stuff, I had to resort to covert operations.

Before putting the sauce in the skillet with the chicken or ground turkey, I would pour it into the blender and throw in all of the veggies they would normally pick out. I added squash, brussel sprouts, peas, or any other kind of fiber-rich vegetable I wanted. They would never know the difference. All that red sauce hides all the little bits of vegetables they think they hate.

Make it Fun

I can’t always camouflage vegetables in with everything. Sometimes I have to be a bit more creative. Kids love colors, so if you are able to present the veggies in such a way that looks fun, they will be more apt to try it and actually eat it.

Get some baby carrots, celery sticks, raw broccoli florets, chunks of cheese or cheese sticks, and a couple of different dipping sauces (ranch dressing, peanut butter, yogurt, etc.). Arrange in fun shapes or on skewers. Voila! You’ve got a super fun and colorful snack plate, complete with tasty sauces to tantalize their little taste buds.

Some kids have a funny relationship with food. My son says he hates tomatoes, but loves ketchup, pizza, and pasta with meat sauce. Crazy, right? Sometimes it’s all about presentation. Be creative and find different ways to get the kids to eat right. You’re not the only one who should be eating healthy.


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