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How to Eat Healthy at Fast Food Restaurants, Part 2 November 10, 2014

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[As originally contributed to on Sept. 4, 2014]

I hope you were able to get a few ideas on how to eat healthy at fast food restaurants from Part 1  of this series. I have a few more suggestions that may help you stay on the right track when eating out while running errands or hanging out with the kids.

Sometimes you have to lose your buns.

No matter what fast food restaurant you go to, you always have the option of going without the buns or bread on your burger or sandwich. This is not something you have to ask for from your server. Just order your burger as you normally would and then remove the bread before you eat it. The bread is where most of your calories hide.

Cutting back on refined carbs, like those found in white rice, baked goods and white breads, including hamburger buns, help in your quest to cut calories and lose weight.

Fruit, not fries on the side.

 Many fast food restaurants now give you the option to have fruit as a side item instead of those greasy fries. Though this is usually found on the kids menu, don’t be afraid to ask. If you have a choice,  go for sliced apples, raisins, or grapes versus the fruit cocktails or mandarin oranges, as these are probably swimming in sugary syrup, rather than water.

Hold the cola and go for the water.

As great as an ice cold pop or soda may sound to go with your bunless burger and side of apples, don’t be tempted. All of that sugar metabolizes in your body in such a way that it increases your body fat, specifically in the belly area.  Even diet sodas, according to a recent study at the University of Texas, concluded that aspartame, which raises blood glucose levels, causes weight gain when your liver encounters too much glucose, the excess is converted to body fat. Not good.

Water, on the hand, has zero sugar and zero calories. Thus, giving you a healthier beverage option while quenching your thirst. Add some lemons, cucumbers, or limes to your water to give it a kick of flavor and added nutritional benefits.

Ladies, there are always ways you can eat healthier, even when on the go. It is up to you to make the right food choices to ensure your body gets all it needs and not just what you think it wants. Take care of your body.


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