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Squatting Does a Body Good October 27, 2014

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[As originally contributed to on Sept. 4, 2014]

I know you hear it all of the time, “To get your butt back into pre-pregnancy shape, you have to do squats.”  So, blindly we start doing squats without really knowing the true benefits of how they can change our bodies. Yes, our glutes will get nice and tight, but what else?

There are 5 key benefits of doing squats:

1. Increased Strength

Squats work your Quads, Glutes, Calves, Hamstrings along with other upper body and core muscle groups.

2. Increased Core Strength

Squats force you to carefully maintain balance between your legs, lower back, abdominal muscles, obliques and everything in between.  If you are using proper squatting form, you will feel the burn for the next two days deep in your core muscles.

3. Improves Balance

Squats work and strengthen your core, which helps build balance through the rest of your body.  Doing squats consistently will help you add balance through your entire workout routine.

4. Reduces Injury

Most people have a hard time getting through their weight training due to an underdeveloped core. Squats help you build up your balance and core/leg strength, which should theoretically reduce your risk for other injuries.

And everybody’s fave…

5. Build Glutes

Squats are the best exercise to help you build a killer backside.  Strength training with squats will help you build powerful glutes which will help your explosiveness playing sports and help you look great as you build a balanced lower body.

So, Ladies, the next time you start doing squats, know that your booty is not the only thing benefiting from your workout, your whole body will.



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