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Healthy Snacks for Mommies on the Go August 11, 2014

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You’ve worked so hard to stay on track, eating healthy, going to the gym three times a week, and you feel great! But today you find yourself stuck in a long meeting at work or at the doctor’s office with the kids for an appointment that is well into hour number two.

You are absolutely starving and all you have in your purse are four lint covered gummy bears and your son’s juice box. So what do you do?

What you should have done is planned ahead. Preparing healthy, on-the-go, snacks are a must for a busy mom like you.  Packing your snacks should be done just as you pack your kids’ lunch or their “in the car” snacks.  Instead of settling for those gummy bears or even heading to the drive through, reach for that pre-packed healthy snack in your purse.

Try these quick snacks that can easily be thrown into a little plastic baggy and in your purse.

Go Nuts!

One ounce (one shot glass full) of nuts pack enough protein and fiber to keep you going until your next meal. About 20 almonds or 30 pistachios (unsalted, of course) are a better option than those linty gummy bears.

That’s Cheesy

One reduced fat mozzarella stick and a handful of grapes are the perfect pairing. The grapes will satisfy your sweet tooth, while the cheese adds the perfect compliment.

You will get the protein and carbs (energy) you need in deliciously, yummy snack.

Mix It Up

This is one of my faves- two handfuls of whole wheat or whole grain cereal flakes (avoid cereal with white flour) mixed with one handful of almonds and another handful of dried fruit.  I like dried cranberries or raisins. Avoid dried fruits like craisins, as they pack a whole lot of added sugar. Throw all of that in your little baggy, shake it up and go!

Eating healthy meals, along with healthy snacks will keep you on track with your fitness goals.  Be careful not to skip meals or go without eating for long periods of time.

You need your energy to be your best mommy self and do all the great things you do, so snack it up…the healthy way.

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