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5 Ways to Stay on Track While Traveling July 10, 2014

Anytime I have travel plans, whether for work or for leisure, I not only have to plan basic things like daily attire, toiletries, outfits for special nights out (which never happen, but at least I plan for them) and maybe a travel snack or two.  But when you’re either competition training or living a healthy lifestyle, you must take a lot more things into consideration when traveling.

Here are the top 5 things I do when planning for travel while training:

1. Do Reconnaissance of your Accommodations

Snip20140709_10Call the hotel at which you are staying and ask the following important questions:

Is there a mini fridge in the room? If not, what is the additional cost to add one to the room?

(If having a fridge is not an option, you should count on bringing a cooler or purchasing one upon arrival and store you pre-packed food in the cooler. Feel free to return the cooler back to the store before you return home.)

Is there a fitness center on premises? If so, do you have [insert the specific equipment you need to use]? For the equipment they don’t have, plan to modify your workout to have exercises that can replace the ones you can’t do.

If there is no fitness center on premises, ask if there is a gym nearby. Most gyms give one week free trials.

Is there a microwave in the room? If not, is there one in or near the lobby? If a microwave is not an option, determine if the foods you are bringing can be eaten cold and/or raw. Whichever the case, be sure to cook all the foods you can prior to departing.

2. Cook, Pack, and Prep Your Food


Once you know the number of days you will be gone, cook and prep the meals you will need for each day. Don’t forget to include your travel days.   I have a step by step guide to meal prep here.

2013-12-29 16.15.51

Once prepped, I pack my food and supplies inside of my 6 Pack Bag, which you can purchase here.

Be sure to bring extra plasticware- forks, covered food containers, and water bottles. Also, be sure to bring extra condiments- sodium free seasoning, sea salt, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, or whatever seasonings you normally use.

If smoothies are on your plan, take/purchase a portable blender. I have this one from Oster , but the NutriBullet will work and others just like it.

3. Pack For Your Workouts

In addition to your regular day time outfits, you must also ensure you pack for your workouts.  The types  of workouts you do will help you determine what to pack.  Because my workouts usually take place indoors, I usually just pack shorts, tanks, socks, a pair of gym shoes, weight belt, and lifting gloves.  I also throw in my headphones and headband.

IMG_0028 IMG_0021 IMG_0006

If you run outside, you may include a light running jacket and any other accessories you normally use.

4.  Make a Date With Your Workouts

You’re used to your at-home workout schedule, but what do you do when you’re on the road and your schedule is turned upside down?

appt bok

Start by scheduling your daily workout(s) based on your daily itinerary.  As your schedule may change on a daily basis while on the road, be sure to go day by day to set your workout schedule.  If it’s on your calendar and already planned, you are more likely to stick to it.

So set it in your phone alarm!

5.  Know Your Area

So, you already did some research on your accommodations, now you must research your surroundings.  You need to know where to go if you need some extra bananas, bottled water, or even socks.

Check the hotel gift shop, local convenience stores, and/or discount stores like Target or WalMart to make sure that, if needed, you are able to get the supplies you need to stay on track.


Do you have any other tips to add to stay on track when traveling? I’d love for you to share!


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