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Spring Chicken… and Spinach Salad May 10, 2014

I love a good, hearty salad. For some reason, fresh spinach salads taste best in the spring and summer time. Let’s try my favorite, filled with protein, fiber, and yummy goodness.



 6 oz chicken breast

3 cups of baby spinach

½ diced granny smith apple

¼ cup dried cranberries (not craisins)

1 tbs Feta cheese

2 tbs balsamic vinaigrette


Prepare chicken breast- baked or grilled in extra virgin olive oil. Put to the side. Place 3 cups of spinach in a bowl or plate. Add apple, cranberries, and Feta cheese.  Place chicken breast on top and add vinaigrette.  Enjoy!

Your vegetarian alternatives for this meal are to swap out the chicken breast for Lightlife Smart Strips Chick’n and the Feta cheese for a great tofu recipe here.


Suggested seasonings- fresh garlic, Mrs. Dash seasoning, lemon pepper, and sea salt

In case you missed it, click here and check out this, and my other yummy recipes in the April issue of “Health, Hair & Happiness.”



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