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It All Starts In The Kitchen April 7, 2014

Maya gymIf you have been thinking about getting healthy and fit and don’t know where to start, try starting in the kitchen. Living healthy does not mean starving yourself, in fact, you should be eating more. Not just eating more, but having meals that are well-balanced and full of the good things our body needs to function. If you haven’t noticed, your body doesn’t function well on greasy foods, sugary beverages, and fatty snacks. Before you even begin to think about starting on a regular exercise plan, let’s get your meals together. In order to ready your mind for this new way of thinking of food, first you must use positive language. First, never use the word “diet.” That word is all of the rest of the four letter words…To continue reading, click here to view my article in the April issue of “Health, Hair & Happiness” on page 9 and 10. Be sure to check out all of the other articles in the magazine from some amazing women in this issue!


2 Responses to “It All Starts In The Kitchen”

  1. Hi Maya! Found your Blog through SITS today. I am so impressed and have subscribed. I am trying to get fit too, not needing to lose weight, but getting more and more into weight training. I realise it does all start in the kitchen. I do not eat unhealthy, but since working out – I have a new view on clean eating. I will be following to get tips and to keep inspired!!

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