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Workouts for Anytime February 27, 2014

wonderOnce again, I have had the great pleasure of contributing to a  great lifestyle e-magazine called “Health, Hair & Happiness” created by the beautiful and talented, Ms. Scarlett of Wondercurl natural haircare products.

For the March issue, I give quick workout routines for the busy woman (or man).  If you feel like  you are stretched for time and don’t know when or how to fit a workout into your busy schedule, check out my article for some suggestions.

Here is an excerpt from my article and the link to the full magazine. Enjoy!

me“I just don’t have time to exercise.”  How many times have we said that to ourselves?  I have found that if it’s important enough, we will make time.

We make time to sit in front of the television for two or three hours per day to watch “The Real Housewives of…” whatever random city or endless hours on our smartphone or laptop “liking” posts on Facebook or pinning on Pinterest.  Well, exchange a few of those minutes to spend some time “liking” your body with a little exercise.

I have three different workouts created specifically for the time-crunched, busy woman…[con’t]

To continue reading, please click here and go to page 14. Be sure to read all of the other awesome articles on haircare, skincare, recipes, and more written by some amazing women.


One Response to “Workouts for Anytime”

  1. mommy Says:

    I am so proud of all you do, keep it up my beautiful girl!

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