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HIIT It Monday- Plyos January 27, 2014

HIITWorkoutAre you still on track with your healthy eating and frequent exercise routine? If you slipped up a little bit over the weekend with a glass (or three of wine) or that double burger with cheese, don’t worry. Today’s HIIT routine will get your week started off right! If you haven’t already, be sure to read about the benefits of HIIT here.

Today, there will be two different plyo circuits, which will be repeated  ten times each, for a 40 minute HIIT session.  Be sure to move quickly from exercise to exercise.  I have included links to each movement if you are unsure how to execute.

Start your workout by walking on the treadmill for 5 minutes and stretching for another 5 minutes. Click here for some great pre/post workout stretches.

Circuit #1

30 seconds Burpees

30 seconds Mountain Climbers

30 seconds Squat Jumps

30 seconds rest

Repeat all of the above ten times

Circuit #2

30 seconds Turbo Lunges

30 seconds Line Jumps

30 seconds Boxer Kicks

30 seconds rest

Repeat all of the above ten times

Stretch and drink plenty of water!

What are some great plyo moves you have found to be effective?


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