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2013 Was Awesome! December 30, 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, I think back over the past twelve months on what I have accomplished- the children’s milestones, the great changes and improvements in my marriage and all of the plans I have made for 2014.

Maya Medal TSN

2013 marked the beginning of my life as a fitness competitor. It is the year in which I competed in my first show and also the year that I qualified or the national Team Universe competition at my second show. I am very excited to travel to New Jersey next July to compete for the coveted pro card!

2013 is also the year in which I earned my Master’s degree and was inducted into the National Honor Society of Lambda Pi Eta. I won numerous awards in my field and celebrated them with some great friends and co-workers.

My youngest son started the first grade and is excelling in math and science. My oldest is in his last year of junior high and has shown a great interest in graphic design and video editing. He is also an honor’s violin student with plans to continue playing in high school and college.

My husband and I are living a healthier lifestyle, which means we will live a longer life together. His daily jogs and clean eating have really made a difference in his overall wellness. My consistent eating and exercise has allowed me to gain “good” weight and become a better me.

Big dreams
Both he and I have big plans for 2014. I hope to launch my fitness website in January, which would not only help motivate others who are on their fitness journey, but also support women in need through financial contributions to various nonprofit organizations.

I have been bitten by the big dreams bug and have no plans on finding the antidote. I want to take my fit life to the next level and that’s exactly what I plan to do!

“May the best of this year be the worst of next.”- Unknown

What are some of your highlights of 2013?

What are you plans for 2014?


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One Response to “2013 Was Awesome!”

  1. Jay Says:

    I too have been infected with the entrepreneurial spirit bug. I plan to pen another book, reach college weight and athleticism and open a small business.

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