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Quick Tip Tuesday – Going Bananas! December 24, 2013

bananasI’m sure by now you have already prepped your meals for the week, but I have one quick tip that has helped me get out of the door faster when making my morning protein smoothie. I have to admit that frozen veggies and fruit have been lifesavers when it comes to my food prep and grocery shopping on a budget. I am able to buy most of the items I need in bulk, including my meats, berries, veggies, etc.  But the one thing that I was having issues with was bananas.

Sure, I could buy five or six bunches during my Saturday or Sunday grocery runs, but by that Friday they would all be that horrible, mushy brown with fruit flies all over the kitchen. There had to be a better way to store and keep my bananas for longer.  I though about refrigerating them, but I remembered that fruit turns brown when in the dark too long. Then I thought about pre-making my smoothies, but I would run into the same problem- brown smoothies with a weird separation of liquids. Then, Ding! [insert light bulb over head] I figured it out… Cut them up and put them in the freezer! They will freeze before they are able to turn brown.

Why hadn’t I though of this before? So here is the process:

First, I buy bags of bananas a discount at my local grocery store. They bag up all ripe bananas and only charge 99c per bag. So, I get about seven bananas in a bag.

20131222_154651Then, I peel all of the bananas and cut them into four pieces. I chose four pieces because I only use half a banana in my smoothies and wanted them to be the size of ice cubes. All I have to do is pop two banana pieces into my smoothie and I am good to go.


After I cut them up, I put them in a freezer bag (The below is how they look after they have been frozen.)


This has made my smoothie-making so much easier. I no longer have to take the time every morning to peel a banana, slice it in half and wonder what to do with the other half before it quickly turns brown. Plus, frozen fruit makes smoothies much thicker, like I like them.


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