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‘If It Were Easy…’ December 23, 2013

Sometimes I get tired of going to the gym twice a day five days a week, eating planned meals seven times a day, sending weekly progress pics to my coach hoping that she sees improvements or declining an invite to hang out with friends for the hundredth time.
I wonder if maybe I should just quit.

+++ I’m not getting paid.

++++++++++++ I’m not featured in numerous major fitness magazines.

++++++++++++++++++ I’m not being forced to do it.

So why should I continue?

Then I think about what this lifestyle has done for me. It has transformed me from someone who was underweight with no appetite to someone who has gained healthy weight, developed a consistent diet and rekindled my athletic and competitive spirit. I now have a renewed love for fitness and greater confidence in myself.

+++I am leading my family into the way of the fit life.

++++++++++++I am a proven example that it is never too late to become truly fit and healthy.

++++++++++++++++++I have inspired others to achieve their fitness goals.

Becoming a fitness competitor has changed my life and opened my world to new friends and a new way of life. My way of being is positively challenged on a daily basis. To top it all off, I get to inspire and motivate others everyday.

So when I feel like melting into the couch, remote in hand, or scarfing down that Oreo cookie ice cream cake, I remember all the good this fit life has done for me and how I owe it to myself to keep it going.

What challenges are you facing on your fitness journey?

What’s stopping you from reaching your goals?

Maya TSN Front

“If it were easy, everybody would do it.”
-from the motion picture “A League of Their Own”

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6 Responses to “‘If It Were Easy…’”

  1. johnrwilliamstheauthor Says:

    awesome post, I definitely will be subscribing. You are correct it takes lots of Drive and belief in yourself in order to maintain. Keep up the good work.

  2. johnrwilliamstheauthor Says:

    what an awesome post, you are correct it takes lots of drive and belief in yourself to maintain

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. […] ‘If It Were Easy…’ ( […]

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