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Taking a Day for Me June 18, 2012

Last night I decided that I would actually utilize my off day (today) to do nothing but things I want to do.  I usually spend my time off doing loads of laundry, vacuuming the house, paying bills, running errands, etc., but today I will treat it as a day of leisure (pronounced lesher for the purposes of this post because it just sounds better!).

Yesterday, while the hubs watched the NBA finals on tv, I decided to start preparing for my day of leisure.  I perused a few of my favorite hair blogs to decide how I would style my hair for the week. In the summertime I usually go natural and save the flat iron for a special occasion or dust it off again in the fall.  This summer I want to do it right. I want to equip myself with all of the natural styling products and accessories so that my hair looks super healthy, curly, and voluminous- well, not too voluminous. I don’t want to have Chaka Khan or Diana Ross hair.

I want to have weather appropriate hair for my five day business trip to New Orleans for a conference. If you know the NO like I do, the humidity is no joke.  If I went out there with straight and silky tresses, it would be sure to explode in a frizzy mess upon landing. No thank you!

Speaking of the trip, I will need to finish packing.  As mentioned in previous blogs, I have a tidbit of OCD. This means that my packing process is very detailed and thorough.  First, I must look over the conference schedule, decide which seminars and events I will be attending, type up a daily schedule and coordinate that schedule with my wardrobe. Every day I will have day and night attire, workout clothes, jammies (yes, jammies- I have two kids), appropriate undergarments, and matching accessories. I go over each day to determine which outfits best correspond with each activity.  Obviously I wouldn’t wear my seminar outfit at the gala  happening on the same day- duh! Once I pick out each ensemble, that day’s clothing will be folded together so as to not confuse which outfit goes with which day.

After that is done, I will handwrite a letter to a few friends and my mother. Although I never receive a letter in return and sometimes no acknowledgment the letter had been received at all, I still feel good about doing it.  I like knowing that if someone misses me or, maybe 20 years down the line, they can pull out a letter I wrote to them sharing a moment of time and a piece of myself.  Doesn’t it feel good to read an old love letter or sentimental letter from a friend? I pull out letters my husband has written to me at least once a year. I still have the first one he gave me :).

Writing those letters will put me in the mood to do some homework for my summer class. This should not take too long, but it will have to be done. I may not have time to do it while in New Orleans before Thursday (class night).  Even though I’ll be out of town, I still want to turn in my assignments on time!

Then, I will head out of the house to pick up some hair products to ensure I won’t look like a mop while mingling with professionals in New Orleans. I still must remain put-together and super sassy! On my list—Vatika oil, Jamaican black castor oil, a few essential oils, banana clip, big bobby pins, some more hair rods, and a satin scrunchy.  Natural hair is not as simple as it looks : /.

The gym will be the next stop. I have to be sure I still complete my daily workout plan or else I will begin to slack off and start skipping a day or two here and there. Next thing you know, the gym will be a thing of the past and I won’t hit my goal of paticipating and placing in the fitness competition this September (see this blog post). I am not a quitter!

Last on my list is a must-do. I must get groceries for the family before I leave. I don’t want to leave them with an empty fridge and a freezer filled with frozen veggies. This is not to say the hubs is incapable of getting groceries himself, it’s just that he isn’t as money-conscious doing it. He’ll get grapes for $2.99 per pound, 64 oz. orange juice for $4.99, or milk for $7.99. I just can’t leave it up to chance, so I’ll go to Wal-Mart with competitors ads and commence to price matching.

Well, I should probably get to it! What do you usually do on your day off?


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