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Eating Out…Not an Option June 16, 2012


I have found that sticking to a strict diet and exercise plan is hard to do when you have a life to live. The lunch meetings, business and personal travel, hanging out with friends, etc. really cramps your fitness lifestyle. There has been more than one occasion when I did not happen to have four ounces of tilapia and one cup of asparagus in my purse during an impromptu lunch meeting. Or I didn’t have my blender with me to make a protein shake while having a girls’ day out with my friends.It seems that it is much easier to have no life, outside of the gym, in order to make this plan work. I have already found ways to ensure that my first four meals of the day are prepared and packed in my special cooler tote for my eight hour work day.  But what if the boss decides that going to Olive Garden is the plan during my scheduled meal three?  I have always hated going out with people wh

o ordered their meals and ask to have half of the ingredients taken out in order to please their personal tastes. But here I am, doing exactly what I despise- “Can I have the baked chicken parmigiana, but please hold the Italian bread crumb crust, the butter you cook it in, the salt, sugar, cream, and cheese please. Thanks!” I then commence to roll my eyes at myself and hope and pray the cook doesn’t sauté my chicken with any of his bodily fluids- saliva or otherwise.

So, needless to say, my journey into the real world of eating primarily remains in the confines of my home or my fabulous cooler tote of prepared foods. And I must say, aside from the

three hours of preparation on Sunday night of my weekly meals, it’s makes my life pretty easy. I just grab a few (well, about seven) food containers out of the fridge daily, put it in my handy dandy cooler tote, and go on with my day.  I (try) turn down any unnecessary offsite eating outing, any of those awesomely delicious cupcakes that seem to be an everyday office occurrence now, and anything else that would derail me from sticking to my diet and fitness plan.

By the way, guess who going to a conference in New Orleans for six days in the very near future? How will I resist the succulent shrimp gumbo, the spicy jumbalaya,  and buttery crab cakes!? Well, maybe I can fit in a three times a day workout routine while I’m there to balance it out. This is going to be hard!


3 Responses to “Eating Out…Not an Option”

  1. johnrwilliamstheauthor Says:

    Great blog, I had no idea that the outside world presents that many temptations. It has to be pretty disheartening knowing that if you have a cupcake or bowl of gumbo you risk forfeiting an entire weeks worth of work exercising and eating according to the plan. I wonder, do you have internal challenges at your home? Which is tougher?

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