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A Different Kind of Fitness Journey May 25, 2012

Last week a couple of co-workers and I decided to embark on a new journey. A journey not too typical of the average woman looking to incorporate a little exercise into her everyday routine.  We have decided to seriously train for an upcoming fitness competition here in Texas (fitness, not bodybuilding).  This idea did not just come on a whim. We were trying to set a goal bigger than just toning our biceps or losing 5 pounds, which, by the way, I cannot afford to lose! We wanted to work toward something different, something challenging, and something that meant cheating or cutting corners was not an option.

This new journey means that I now have to stick to a very strict high-protein diet and rigorous weight lifting routine. I now have a “high carb” day twice a week. When I said that out loud the other day when the hubby asked what I was having for lunch, I felt like a professional when saying, “Well, you know today is my high carb day.”  Ha! That’s insane!

The great thing is that the six meal-a-day diet means that I actually eat when I’m supposed to eat, whereas before I was only eating about two or three times per day. My mom will be happy about that! And I get to eat things that I like anyway without getting made fun of because now I have an excuse.  Eating five boiled eggs in the morning, a cup of blueberries, a handful of almonds, tilapia, or protein shakes made with honey and peanut butter now have a purpose in my life.  When someone glares at me while I stuff that last boiled egg in my mouth, I can confidently say, “Hey, I have a competition coming up man!” Instead saying hanging my head in shame wishing I had finished my bowl of eggs at home.

That not so great thing is getting all of my meals prepared ahead of time and knowing that when I go to work I must carry a huge bag packed with all of meals, protein powder, one gallon water bottle, mini blender, and whatever else I will need for the eight to ten hours I will be away from home.  This weekend I plan to get more plastic food containers, prepare my food for the week and pack them away in the freezer.  Man, there is a lot of work, planning, and organization that goes into this…geez!

Fortunately, I am getting a little help from the hubs through this journey.  He has become my official spotter in the weight room.  Although I’m not lifting 300 pounds barbells, that little sixty pounds I have to push up is brutal! I would surely drop the bar on my face or possible crush what little chest I have.  He has been great encouragement in the weight room helping me to keep going when my arms start feeling like noodles.

I cannot wait to see the results from all of the weight lifting and protein shakes! Maybe I will actually place in the competition. If not, I will move on to the  next one and see how far I can take this thing.

Here I am at the beginning of WEEK TWO! Ten more weeks to go…

(Click here to see part two of this journey)


4 Responses to “A Different Kind of Fitness Journey”

  1. eb Says:

    Go Iron Mama! Incredibly proud of you.

  2. johnrwilliamstheauthor Says:

    Fitness is more important than most people acknowledge. I am excited for you! Those fitness competitions will add another dimension to your life. How cool will it be to be sixty or seventy years old and look back over the works of your life and say,,” I did this, I did that,” or “We went here, we went there.” Great job, I am so privileged to be your husband. I am gonna need you to shave down the workout time from and hour and a half to a cool 45mins so I can have time to run my pickup basketball games.

  3. […] I won’t hit my goal of paticipating and placing in the fitness competition this September (see this blog post). I am not a […]

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