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Top Five Skinny Girl Tips to Shopping on a Budget March 7, 2012

Recently while out shopping, I realized that there are a few shopping techniques that I use that may seem really normal to me, but could be looked at as weird by others.

Being a woman in my thirties with a body of an eleven-year old boy, can be quite disconcerting, but I have learned to embrace it. With that in mind, I have come up with the Top Five Skinny Girl Tips to Shopping on a Budget.  I don’t mean to discriminate, but that’s all I know.  So here goes:

1. If you are a skinny girl lacking in the chestal region (yes, that is a word… in my mind), you may have experienced that finding a brassiere that fits without looking like a deflated shoulder pad on your chest, can be few and far between. To combat this issue, I head straight to the little girls section and pick up a training bra and save about $15!

That’s right, I said it. I’m owning it! I have been known to rock a training bra or two in my old age.

2. Sometimes if I am shopping for new graphic tees for my twelve-year old son, I find a shirt that I like. Who wouldn’t want a cool Optimus Prime t-shirt? Instead of spending $20 for an adult shirt that doesn’t look nearly as cool, I grab a boy’s size medium, short sleeved tee and save 5 to 10 bucks!

Skinny girl tip-make sure it’s short sleeved and long in the torso area. You may be getting a little boy’s shirt, but you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a little boy’s shirt.

3. When looking for exercise shorts, some stores seem to forget to keep a full stock of extra smalls. Do they think that women who are already extra small don’t need exercise gear? Geez! So, I must take a trip to the little girls section…again.

There, I am able to find exercise shorts that fit me quite well in a size large. Wow! I just saved $10 to $20!

4. Over the winter, the hubs got in on the game. One day he presented me with a nice white, down bubble vest. It fit perfectly! It was super loose in the chestal region and had a more fitted look than any other ones I had tried on just a few weeks earlier. Why, do you ask? Because it was a little boy’s size 8! A savings of $10 – $15 off the price of an adult’s bubble vest.

5. Last, but not least… My favorite! I love crazy knit, winter hats. You know, the bright greens ones with a frog face on it or the wool ones with the ear flaps, strings on the side and a big fluffy ball on top? Those are the ones I love! I might get crazy looks from coatless, hatless, mittenless people here in Texas, but I like to be warm and I like to be cute… at least in my mind.

I know what you’re saying, what does being a skinny girl have to do with hats? Well, it has been my experience that most adult hats don’t fit my head. I can only assume that it’s because of my size or it could be just that I have a little head, but who knows…

The cutest hats are in the children’s department. It’s like a cool, cute hat wonderland! I save at least $10.

Bonus skinny girl tip– When it’s time for my bi-annual eye exam, I always feel inclined to get a completely new pair of glasses, despite the fact that my prescription hasn’t changed since high school.  But, who wants to spend upwards of $200 or more on a pair of glasses? Again, I must defer to my skinny girl-little head theory and venture over to the kids’ frames section.

Kids frames have really changed since I was a kid. No longer are your only options pink frames for girls and blue or brown frames for boys.  Their section is almost as expansive as the adults’.  I am able to save over $100 on glasses. Not bad!

Well, that’s my top five plus a bonus.  If you’re horizontally lacking as I am, this list may help you save a few dollars on your next shopping trip. You’re welcome, in advance!


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