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Ready, Set, Go… January 22, 2012

Today, I finally got my workout schedule together so that I would actually stick to it.  I have learned that if I don’t put what I need to do in my cell phone calendar or task list, I, most likely, won’t get it done.  So, I took a look at the classes the gym offers during the week, put them into my schedule, and hope the reminder notifications go off when they are supposed to!

I was also inspired by a couple of blogs I’ve read  to look up some good juicer recipes to add to my new workout routine and healthier eating habits. My faves so far has been one made of spinach and pineapple and also one made with peanut butter, banana, milk, and honey….yummy! The next step is to create weekly recipes to make sure I get in all of the food groups, vitamins, proteins, etc. I need.  I tend to go too long, within a course the day, without eating. Not because I’m starving myself, but because hunger pangs are something that I am rarely afflicted with.  I always get the “eye roll” response when I say that I can sometimes forget to eat, so I’ll spare you that excuse, no matter how true it is.

I’ve also found that if I have an end goal in mind when attempting to change my diet and exercise routine, I will be more apt to stick to the new routine. Exercising for the sake of exercising or because it was on my New Year’s resolution list, is not good enough.  There needs to be a reachable and realistic goal to attain to keep you motivated, focused, and challenged. My goal is definitely not to lose weight, but to firm up a couple of key areas, maintain a healthy diet, and set an example to my children that no matter your size or shape, having a healthly lifestyle is important.  Once I reach each goal, I will set another and then another…


Next post- how to turn a gym day into a spa day… without the spa cash!



3 Responses to “Ready, Set, Go…”

  1. Mayahood Says:

    I really need to focus more on the diet part like you posted above. I just tend to focus on the exercise to help me get to my goal, but it’s not enough. And just like you, I also need motivation!! Good-luck

  2. sassymommy14 Says:

    Being involved in group classes helps me out a lot. Also, making it a point to find great, delicious-sounding food and juicer recipes helps to keep things from getting boring. Drinking water with lemon and eating dry chicken breast on whole grain rice can become boring. Mix it up with other healthy recipes!

  3. John Says:

    Great post! I really like how you address dieting and eating habits as a part of an overall healthy lifestyle. I also get dirty looks when I tell slim elites that I can run pick up basketball games for hours on end. They say,,,”Basketball? You look like more of a Football guy to me.” I intend to do more to make your journey of fit-ness a special one. Too bad the gym is $100+ per month 😦

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