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What’s Your Story? January 19, 2012

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Last night was the start of a new semester on my journey to a Master’s degree.  Despite my day being long as hell, I was awake enough to sit through two classes or five hours worth of knowledge.  Just as I was getting my fill of the information overload that should never happen on the first day of classes, particularly during the final hours of a day, my interest was piqued.

My professor showed a video from one of the TED Talks series.  A beautiful Nigerian woman was speaking about her experiences in Nigeria and various interactions she with people once she arrived in the United States. She spoke about how most of us have a blanketed two-dimensional perception about different races, people from other countries, and how the media plays a part in shaping our views of others. 

For the most part, we don’t choose to look at others from a balanced point-of-view. We, basically, let what we see in the news, magazines, blogs, etc. form our opinions for us . We must become more conscious of how we see people and how it can effect our interactions and judgements with and of  them, even before we meet.

Please take a look at this video and begin to choose to change how you see others.


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