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A Wii Bit Obsessed January 11, 2012

I have recently become the newest and, albeit, latest member of the Wii craze.  I have never been much for video games. When I was younger, the only video game system I owned was the Nintendo 64. My favorite games were Super Mario Bros. 1-3, Tetris, Dr. Mario, and Jeopardy.  Tetris and Dr. Mario were my absolute faves! I would spend so much time playing those games, I would dream about them, strategically placing the respective pieces where they all should go on the black backdrop of my mind. Remember the music that got increasingly faster and faster as you were about to succumb to a most chaotic end, well, that became exponentially louder and faster within the confines of my dream.

Now that I have grown older, I have placed even less interest in the gaming world.  My son has had a PS2, Nintendo DS, Xbox, and even a “vintage” Nintendo 64 .Unlike him, I had zero desire to enter the gaming community. That is, until I found out about the interactive dancing games made popular by Wii. If you didn’t know, I am the #1 street dancer in the world…in my mind.  As a kid and throughout my teenage years, I watched all movies that had anything to do with singing and dancing. “Flash Dance” was on the top of that list. Later, it was Dirty Dancing. The list goes on and on. But as the movie industry waned in its production of dancing movies, I would secretly learn all the dance moves to all of my favorite music videos. The one I remember most vividly is Janet Jackson’s “If”. Maaaan, you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t one of her background dancers… I was just edited out. 🙂

But, I digress.  As soon as I could get my hands on one of those Wii “dance experience” games, it was on!  The first one I tried, my husband rented for me from Red Box.  It was the “Black Eyed Peas Dance Experience”.  This was a big mistake. I love BEP and have since the group existed sans Fergie. Now, I could learn all of their dance moves? Watch out!  So, of course, I was the only one who was super excited to partake in this dream of a game. I guess the hubs thought I’d just want to play by myself and I’d be good to go.  No way! I immediately demanded all family members’ engagement as that night was to become Dance Battle Royale 2011! Unfortunately, the hubs was only good for about 2 or 3 songs. My four year old son was no competition at all, and my eleven year old son simply moved his remote-wielding hand to the hand movements of the dancer on the screen.  Such bummers…

So, back went the video game to the Red Box. But it was already too late. I caught dance fever. I needed another fix! Lucky for me, I was able to find “Michael Jackson’s Dance Experience” on sale at Wal Mart that same day. And if they thought it was “on” the night before, it was super “on” that night! The plan was to hype everyone up… this is Michael Jackson we’re talking about! Very few people can imitate his dance moves and now we had an opportunity to learn and emulate the master.

I had to practically beg them to dance with me.  They gave in, but with much resistance.  How could I possibly enjoy this competitively interactive game without any competitors?  I still have the fever, but no one to help me fight it.

This serves as an official challenge to anyone willing to compete against the #1 street dancer in the world! 🙂


2 Responses to “A Wii Bit Obsessed”

  1. I can Wii-member staying up for countless hours trying to beat the Nintendo classics Contra, Tecmo Bowl and Bases Loaded. It was more about the way those victories made you feel as a kid rather than our skill level. I really enjoyed this blog,,,keep em coming!

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