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Time to Make Some Changes January 9, 2012

Although I am not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions, I did happen to resolve to do a few new things within the last few weeks. In mid-December, my physical therapy was coming to a close, holiday eating seemed to be on the increase, and I was resigning control of the cleanliness of my home to my boys.  I had to make a change and I had to do it fast, if not for my sanity, then for my health.

Going through physical therapy, as a result of my car accident, allowed me to get back into physical fitness on a daily basis for a little over two months. Prior to that, I had an on-again, off-again relationship with regular exercise as it always ended in me losing too much weight and going down a size.  I couldn’t figure out how to combine healthy food habits with my exercise regimen.  I needed some help! But seriously, who’s going to the help the little skinny girl figure out how to stop losing weight so she can exercise on a regular basis? What a tragedy [insert sarcasm and dramatic violins]!  Oh, and did I mention, my appetite is practically non-existent.  Unless, of course, I get a hold of the few unhealthy foods that I love so much.  I could probably eat a whole Giordano’s stuffed pizza, Original Pancake House’s full stack (6) of buttermilk pancakes, and strawberry Twizzlers (not all together). But luckily for my waistline, I don’t consume those naughty treats very often.

So, I decided to slowly start a new nutritional and fitness routine.  I have begun with some weight training and core exercise routines based on a few fitness DVDs that have been collecting dust in my exercise room.  I have been advised by a physical trainer friend that I must eliminate or significantly decrease the cardio from my workout in order to stop the weight loss. Yoga, Pilates, core strengthening, and weights will now be the focus of my workout regimen.

The hubs and I have also changed our eating habits. For breakfast, we might have oatmeal with fruit and honey in it or, if I am too busy, I will eat pink grapefruit, an apple and have a cup of green tea. Lunch may include delicious homemade chicken and veggie soup and green tea.  For dinner, we have been eating robust salads, which include green leaf lettuce or spinach, feta cheese, baked chicken, almonds, tomatoes, apples, corn, and balsamic vinaigrette or light ranch dressing. Those salads are my favorite and are very filling. Between meals,  I eat nuts, raisins, fruits, popcorn, wheat crackers, Greek yogurt, pretzels, etc. The change hasn’t been that drastic for me, but it has been great having a meal plan to stick to that helps ensure that I eat often throughout the day.

And now for the best change of all!  In the past few weeks, I decided to take back the order in my house.  With two little boys and a husband, cleaning is not something that tops their list of excitement. Nagging everyone to clean up after themselves grew tiring and, thus, I gave in to the mess.

Gone were the days of the regular Saturday cleaning routine. Everyone would clean whenever they felt like it. Things had gotten so lax that I found myself contributing to the mess.  Now, don’t get me wrong, we weren’t about to appear on an episode of  “Clean House”, but it wasn’t up to the standard OCD standards that I was used to [ OCD blog entry]. I had to do something drastic…

I decided to pay the hubs an undisclosed amount of cash to deep clean the first floor of the house. He did an awesome job! I could have done it myself, but I figured that if he cleaned that one time, I would clean every day after. I wanted to start off fresh in order to regain control of and reinstate my OCD power within our home.  This time, no one will be a victim of my tyranny!  I will now bear the burden of maintaining my home, aside from my son’s bedroom and bathroom, which he will handle himself.

Is it weird to be super excited to clean up every day? If it is, I don’t care!

I am so happy to be back on the right track, both with the appearance of my home and the appearance and health of myself.  Getting things in order in 2012!

Next up- Getting debt free…except for student loans because that’s gonna take a life time!


6 Responses to “Time to Make Some Changes”

  1. wartica Says:

    Good to hear that you’re feeling better; it’s never easy switching up the diet. It took me a long time to transtition to healthier eating but now I will never look back. I look forward to hearing more from you and connecting more :))

    • sassymommy14 Says:

      Thanks so much! I’m sure it was difficult to transition to vegetarianism. Keep it Up!
      I look forward to more of your posts as well. I will definitely be getting back to blogging regularly.

  2. Great BLOG – I especially liked the part about your new eating habits.Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks for following my blog!! yay Changing eating habits for the better is always a good thing. Once you build a routine around preping and cooking your meals sticking to those new healthy eating habits becomes so much easier. Doesn’t it feel great knowing your giving your body the right food? YUM 🙂

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