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Love Your Style October 7, 2011

I have found that most people have a limitation to the level of style with which they are able to tolerate seeing on someone else; due to the fact they have placed a limit on their own style.

All of us may have felt this way a few times in our lives, but there are some who feel it every day.  You remember that time you saw someone rocking an outfit that was so fly, you wondered to yourself, “Now, how come I never thought to put an outfit like that together? Ugh, she makes me sick” or something to that effect.  I know I’ve said it once or twice, but then I felt encouraged to up my fashion game and stop getting lazy. The laziness comes when I fall into a routine of just putting an ensemble together without any thought. This usually happens on the weekend, you know, when you just throw on any random jeans and t-shirt combo.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but don’t feel bad if you see someone who decided not to be lazy in their wardrobe selection. 

Put forth your best at all times with no excuses, no doubt, and no limitations on who you are and what you want to share with the world.  I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine and I was telling her how I sometimes edit my style based on certain places I go, specifically, functions at my son’s elementary school.  I get those side-eye looks and the feeling like I don’t belong, simply because I walk in there with, what I think is, normal work attire.  I’ve heard the whispers that “She looks way too young to have an 11-year-old” or “Why is she so dressed up?” etc.  Even the kids ask my son, “Is THAT your mom?” While most people would be flattered or dismissive of the comments, I became self-conscious.  I didn’t want everyone mad at me or talking about me because of my appearance and choice, what I considered,  stylish clothing. I didn’t want them to feel bad about themselves simply because I walked in the room.  So, I began attending the school functions in a ponytail, jeans, and a t-shirt with no thought and opposite of what I would normally wear.  The discomfort of others made me feel uncomfortable with who I was- a Sassy Mommy! My friend was right, “Forget what they think and just be you!”

I finally came to my senses and no longer allowed other people’s insecurities to become my own.  If I want to look cute, I’m going to look cute, in whatever outfit I choose- suits, sweats, jeans, or whatever!  I will NOT edit my style to make others feel good.

Being a Sassy Mommy is just who I am!


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