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Money is Tight…Let’s Go Shopping September 21, 2011

No matter how tight my budget gets, I still feel compelled to go shopping. So, even when money is lacking, I still find a way to shop.  For the next few months, I will be going shopping in my own closet. 

Almost every woman has items in her closet that has never been worn, has been worn once or twice or hasn’t been worn in years.  It’s time to revamp those items and start pairing them up with other clothing items with which they have never been matched.  Start by pulling those items that haven’t been in regular rotation in a while and lay them out next to each other on the floor or the bed to be coupled  together with a coordinating top or bottom.

There was this pair of pants I used to bypass during my weekly selection of outfits that I thought fit weird.  But after I went shopping (in my closet) and matched it with a pink shirt that I had mistaken for a shirt I had given away to charity years ago, and tried it on and I loved it all over again. I have tons of casual dresses I have purchased over the years, but haven’t worn because I feel self-conscious wearing them.  I’ve recently gotten over that ridiculousness and have started to wear them and guess what- they were super cute! The next step is to accessorize.

When shopping in my closet, I like to match accessories that I don’t regularly wear with my “new” outfits.  I lay out everything on the floor, so that I can see the outfit as if it were on me.  The shirt is on top, then the pants or skirt goes below the shirt, the accessories go where they normally would on my body- the necklace in the collar area, the bracelet at the bottom of the shirt sleeve, and the earrings above the shoulders of the shirt.  And to top it all off, my fave, the shoes!

Sometimes I like to put shoes with outfits that don’t really match the colors in the outfit.  I’ll wear a white button-down shirt, black pants, and electric blue heels.  I may match a purse or earrings to go with the shoes to bring it all together.  Having  a splash of contrasting colorour look will take the boring out of your style, compared with how you’d look in the outfit with black shoes. But sometimes, it’s all about how you feel.  There are times when I am not in the mood to where electric blue shoes and black will do just fine.

 Just today I wore a jewel-tone blue maxi dress with an olive green shrug sweater.  While the green sweater and blue dress would have looked crazy and mix-matched by themselves, the accessories tied it all together. I added dark brown five-inch espadrille wedges, with dark brown and turquoise big, wood beaded necklaces.  The browns in the necklace and shoes toned down the brightness of the turquoise and green. This was a combination I have never worn before and it turned out super cute!

I can remember vividly, when I was a freshman in high school, my mom told me to stop wearing the same outfit combinations and change things up sometimes.  That has stuck with me since then and I, still, rarely wear the same mélange of clothes the same every time.  Even if you switch out accessories, it makes a world of difference.

Wearing accessories two days in a row rarely happens, even my purse. I go shopping (in my closet) for new mixes of accessories, along with the clothes.  Doing this really freshens up my everyday look and keeps me out of the drab abyss of living a mundane life of no style.

How do you change up your look?


One Response to “Money is Tight…Let’s Go Shopping”

  1. Vicki Stokes Says:

    This is exactly what I’m doing at the minute. I’m going travelling for a year come January and buying new clothes is a bit of a waste of money. I raided out my whole wardrobe, put all the a/w stuff to one side and matched up all the outfits. The only thing I’ve had to buy is a nice stone coloured chunky knit… which I’m pleased to say goes with everything 🙂 “Wardrobe shopping” is great- its like actual shopping without the guilt! I also have a beauty saving blog which might be of interest to you.

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