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A Holiday Will Not Determine My Wardrobe September 7, 2011

It has long been tradition that the day after Labor Day marks the time where we all must put away our white pants, skirts, shorts, purses, etc. until the return of summer…just because.

Ever since I was introduced to this rule, i have purposely rebeled against it.  No one can can tell me what I can and cannot wear without having some sort of detrimental reason.  I’ll adhere to the dress code at the job, so that I can keep my job.  I’ll go along with the schoool dress code, in order to get my degree.  But a season will not determine my Fall/Spring dress code. The day I stop wearing white after Labor Day is the day people will stop wearing Uggs with shorts in the summertime, is the day people stop wearing the sock and sandal combo, is the day ladies stop wearing shoes with their heel hanging off the back.  I think you get my point.

In my annual protest of this ridiculous ideology, I wear white pants everyday for the remainder of the Labor Day week.  You will also see me wear white any other day I please.I wear it with pride and wear it with no shame.  And I dare anyone to tell me I am committing a fashion faux pas.

Do you know why that rule even exists? Well according to some stories, back in the 30s, the social elite would take their summer vacation and holiday in their summer homes.  They would trade in their dark work attire, you know, the navy, black and brown suits, and rock their more light and airy threads.  White was the most popular color, especially since it set this elite bunch apart from the rest of the working class.  They could thumb their nose at those who donned the dismal garb and continue on to the country club.  But once fall was over, they’d be back in their earth tones just like everyone else.

CoCo Chanel was one of the most notable celebs who resisted the “no white after Labor Day” rule.  She incorporated white into her wardrobe and fashion collections all year round.

At least I know I’m not alone.  I must define my own style and be able to break away from conformity, if I want.  How else can I be a Sassy Mommy?!


4 Responses to “A Holiday Will Not Determine My Wardrobe”

  1. Sweetgirl Says:

    You sound like that woman from the Tide commercial. “I’ll rock white jeans whenever I want.” (Kanye shrug)

  2. Well, let me break out my house shoes and wear them to work. Stand fashion rebels!

  3. You have given me the confidence to wear my house shoes at work!

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