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Mental Breakdown September 4, 2011

Today marks the end of the second week of grad school.  I feel like I have taken on way too much. Not too much to give up, but enough to feel like my brain will surely explode if I don’t hurry up and get through this semester.

I guess it’s actually this huge assignment that’s due that I had plenty of time to do a week ago, but of course, life happened and here I am a week later and have only half completed it. I have one more week to read and write summaries on 12 journal articles. At first, it sounds easy enough. I can read a 200+ page book in 1 day, so why can’t I read 12, 20 page articles in 2 weeks? I’ll tell you why, because they are extraordinarily boring articles. Articles are not the word I would use to describe these horrendously long, drawn out documents!  These articles are actually condensed research papers written by university professors, doctoral students, or maybe even a graduate student or two. I am sure you can appreciate the label I have appropriately given the documents. Boring. But I have no other options, I must read them, if I want to pass the class.

I consider myself a pretty intelligent person, but I feel myself getting lost in the technical jargon, unnecessarily big words, and the utter monotony.  Maybe it’s the exhaustion of the week or the anxiety building up as I get closer and closer to the due date. So today, I had to throw in the towel. I allowed the assignment to defeat me, but just for today.  I will start again, first thing in the morning, and attempt to knock it all out. I want to put this behind me and concentrate on what’s to come.

My sweet husband straightened up and rearranged our home office to ensure that, going forward, I have a place to study in peace and quiet.  This is quite a contrast to my previous work area, a room upstairs with my laptop, doing just that- sitting on top of my lap, burning the crap out of my thighs, by the way.  “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” will no longer be the background noise to which I study .  It will just be me, my laptop (actually on a desk), and a quiet workspace…and maybe my cat Smokey.  

Next up, 20 page research paper…woo hoo!

Help me little sweet baby Jesus!


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