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Strolling Down Master’s Street August 29, 2011

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This past week marked the first week toward my journey in obtaining my Master’s of Communication degree. I thought I would never again return to school during the rocky years after I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing Communications.

You see, in 2002, when I graduated from Columbia College Chicago, I was armed with the notion that all the awesome job offers would be flowing in immediately. I could, all but, count on public relations or event planning firms to start knocking at my door. Why wouldn’t they? I had a degree from one of the greatest private arts and communications schools in Chicago, excellent
grades, the intelligence and the passion. What else did I need? Well, apparently
I needed about 10 years of experience and a time machine to fast forward to a
time that was not so close to the post-9/11 era.

So, as the years progressed and I still did not find myself in the field in which I studied, I grew more and more resentful of that degree.  All of the time I felt I had wasted.  All of the debt I incurred, by way of student loans. All of the months of unemployment I spent, naively searching for that perfect position. By year 5 of not finding what I was looking for, I gave up. I focused on finding a job and not a career. One that paid the bills, and gave me zero fulfillment. Isn’t that what most people do?

Friends would ask me if I planned on getting a Master’s degree. Yeah right! The degree I had wasn’t doing anything for me, why would I add a million more dollars to my already compounding student loans to end up where I already was—on a one-way street to Settling Town.

It wasn’t until I finally gave up and stopped forcing my plan on my life and allowed God to step in. I settled for a job I was good at and excelled while I was there. I used my public relations and marketing talents to help out friends with their own businesses in order to satisfy my passion within.  I, then, went through a turbulent period in my personal life and more actively pursued God as the solid foundation in my life. And that is when doors began to open.

Out of the blue I was offered a job in the public relations department of an area mega church. It was there that I found a place where I finally felt comfortable, finally at ease. I work for someone who is passionate about what she does and only wants to see those who work for her exceed and elevate to greater things. She is not stifling, cruel, or unfair. She makes her employees feel valued and important on a daily basis.

I am in a workplace where meetings are led in prayer and impromptu hallway prayer sessions are not an uncommon event to stumble upon.  In my current season of life, I feel this environment is what I need to carry me through. Which led me to my decision to pursue my Master’s degree.

As it has been 9 years since I graduated from undergraduate school and I am finally in my field of choice, I felt the need to further my knowledge and formally learn more about marketing and communications as it relates to current times. So, I enrolled in a nearby Christian university, which carries on the bible-based theme of my current life.  I find it absolutely awesome that each class starts in prayer, which includes students’ prayer requests made

As much as I struggled and let the circumstances of my job placements discourage me, I know it was all for a purpose, which has led me down the path to Master’s Street!  This couldn’t have happened at a better time and I’m so excited!

Watch me as I stroll…


2 Responses to “Strolling Down Master’s Street”

  1. Sweetgirl Says:

    What an inspiring testimony. I couldn’t be more proud of and excited for you!

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