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Thank Them While They’re Here August 16, 2011

Sometimes during our quest for self, we forget about the people who have helped along the way. Well, maybe not so much forget, but forget to let them know how much they are appreciated.

There has been one person in my life that has made the greatest sacrifices of himself so unselfishly and with absolute humility that I feel the need to bring his great deeds to light.

While I was finishing up college, my husband chose to forego completing his studies in order to work and provide for his family. Many would say that was his responsibility and he was “supposed” to do that. In my eyes, he had a choice and he chose to surrender his dream of obtaining his college degree for the betterment of his family. What an honorable thing to do!

Lat year, during my temporary displacement from the workforce, he was the most supportive and encouraging force in my life. After months of employer rejection and through my emotional peaks and valleys, he has shown me love and adulation. But he has also taught me to never give up on my dreams. Through our struggles of being a one income family he still writes his books, hosts his weekly radio show, writes scripts, and is still able to find the energy to get up and go to work all day. I haven’t even mentioned how awesome a father he is and how he cleans several rooms in the house on the weekend! Cleaning up? That’s almost unheard of! He is the epitome of an all-around, great man.  He carries so much on his shoulders that there is no way that I could not show my undying appreciation for all that he does.

To start his day, I make sure he has his coffee and if he wants I pack his lunch. Most days, I make sure his dinner is ready a few moments before he is due to arrive at home. Because I know how tired he is after a long, hard day at work, I serve him his plate along with a nice, tall cold beverage.  I give him his “alone” time at night to decompress from the work day and work on his personal endeavors (well maybe I’ll interrupt him a couple of times for something silly). But now and then actions may not speak louder than words. As much as I love to show that I appreciate his hard work, sometimes I just don’t say it enough.

I have to remember that I get what I give. If I want appreciation and words of recognition, I must give that as well…to whomever I care about. So, to my warrior, my rock,  my love, my confidante, my husband I appreciate ALL that you do for me, your children, and yourself. You are a great inspiration!

To my readers, I compel you today to tell that important person or persons in your life- mother, father, spouse, friend, etc.- that you appreciate what they do. Make sure you are specific. Let them know sincerely and without a doubt, the positivity they have contributed to your life is absolutely priceless.

Get started!!


One Response to “Thank Them While They’re Here”

  1. I never thought of it that way, well put!

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