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What To Do When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed, Walk it Off April 6, 2015

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When I am feeling overwhelmed by my job, kids, spouse, home, and whatever else I’ve got going on, it helps if I can take at least 10 minutes to break free. We all need some time within our day to step away, regroup and refresh our mind and attitude.  A great way to do that is by taking a walk.

Plan at least 10 minutes to go outside to gather your thoughts, while benefiting your body at the same time.  You don’t have to do this everyday, but it helps to be able to get it into your schedule as often as you can.

I know that most of the time we hear how “hard” we have to go at the gym or during out at-home workouts, but walking can be beneficial as well. Here are a few great reasons to take a walk:

  • Lift your mood
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Prevent or manage various conditions, including heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes
  • Strengthen your bones
  • Improve your balance and coordination

So ladies, let’s get happy and healthy one step at a time!

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4 Quick Tips to Help Reach Your Fitness Goals March 31, 2015

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Have you ever tried to test yourself- to try and see how successful you can be at sticking exclusively to your meal plan- meaning no little snacks here and there, no eating the kids’ leftover bites of granola bar, or no small taste of chocolate chip cookie your co-workers bring to work to torture you? How about skipping your workouts because your schedule is so hectic? That may mean that you will have to work out a little later or earlier than normal to fit it in your already busy day.

I have been living consciously in all of my daily moments, recognizing those triggers that tempt me into thinking that it’s ok.  In order to do that, I have incorporated the following four things into my everyday way of thinking:

1. Think before you act

The moment before I reach my hand out to break off a small, tiny piece of that deliciously warm chocolate chip cookie, I ask myself- “Why do I want this cookie?” If the sole reason for me wanting it is because it tastes good and not because it will fuel my body with the nutrients I need to live, then I need to walk away and drink some water. Period.

2. Have a clear vision

Every morning when I wake up and every night before I go to bed, I envision the body I want to see walking across the stage at my next competition. Keeping this very specific vision in the forefront of my mind, helps me to automatically conjure up that same picture in my mind when I want to have a big bag of potato chips drowned in Louisiana hot sauce. (Not only is my ideal body vision specific, but so are the visions of my ideal snacks!) Obviously, everyone’s vision will be different. Maybe yours will be to see yourself strutting confidently on the beach wearing that hot new bikini or finally being able to get into that complicated yoga pose. Whatever it is, see it clearly, then soon you will be it.

3.  Write it down

Almost every month I write down my goals on a dry erase board at home.  I do this monthly to keep my goals fresh and new, so I won’t get bored or stuck in a place where I neither see nor expect change from myself.  I also put my goals on a board to ensure that I see it everyday. We have to constantly challenge ourselves if we want to become better than we were yesterday.

4.  Don’t give in

We are always confronted with things that could potentially put our fit plan in a position of compromise.  We may be at work and have our healthy lunch packed in our lunch bag, but then we get that visit from our work friends asking if we want to join them for lunch at Taco Bell or wherever.  Although a big Nacho Supreme may sound good, is it worth breaking a commitment to ourself to stick to our meal plan and eating healthy? Those friends will understand.  Sometimes I will still go with them, but I’ll bring my own lunch with me.

Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I allow myself a snack or two, but if I want to accomplish my goals in the timeframe I want to accomplish them, I have to stick to the plan.  Your goals are important, all you have to do is believe that and do what it takes to work your way to them. You can do it!

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How to Create A Home Gym Under $100 March 24, 2015

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Having kids, a home to manage, a job to go to and countless other things to do on a daily basis, may be just the reason to keep us from going to the gym. So why not make your own gym at home with very inexpensive equipment?

Start with a yoga mat.  Not only can you do yoga on it, but it’s also good for any exercise movements or stretches which may require you to have some type of padding or non-slip surface. Starting at about $10, this is a great investment.

Since a rack of dumbbells costs at least $300, having resistance bands are great alternatives. With resistance bands, you can do just about any type of strength training exercise, which would normally require heavy weights — chest presses, rows, shoulder presses, tricep extensions, bicep curls, squats, and more! And all starting at the low, low price of $9.95.

This next piece of equipment is the most expensive, but can be utilized for many things. The adjustable weight bench can be used for chest exercises, tricep dips, step up movements, inclined or declined movements, ab work, and lots more.  Starting at $50, you will definitely get your money’s worth after the first use.

Ready for a good cardio workout? Stroll down memory lane and pick up a jump rope.  With the ability to help you burn over 100 calories in only 10 minutes, this small piece of equipment will be one of your best kept secrets. Starting at $6, it’s a steal!

Now throw in a few workout DVDs and you’re well under $100 for a perfectly equipped home gym.  There’s nothing like saving money and saving time, all while staying within the comforts of home.  Have fun!

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How to Avoid Getting Cooties at the Gym March 17, 2015

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It never fails.  I always hear stories from friends about how they may have caught a cold, foot fungus or some other germ at the gym.  If you have been a victim or would like to prevent becoming a victim of the gym cooties, here are a few ways to keep the germs at bay.

There are areas within the gym that have been shown to be the worst at hoarding germs.  Those areas are free weights, weight machines and the exercise ball. Which pretty much sums up the whole gym, right?  Well, don’t fret, most gyms have those handy anti-bacterials wipes available, if not, you should bring your own personal pack.  Wipe those areas down where they will touch your exposed skin and you are good to go.

Be careful in the locker room. It may look clean and it may even be cleaned several times per day, but what about those times in between.  Never sit naked on the benches because others may have been naked there as well. Vaginal yeast, fecal matter, and lots of other grossness has been found, so be cautious and use a dry towel (you brought from home) to sit on.  Also, be sure to wear your flip flops or shower shoes if you decide to go in the sauna, steam room and shower.  The floors in those areas are sure to harbor fungus and bacteria that causes ringworm and athlete’s foot.

You know that treadmill, bike, or elliptical you love? Well, it may get wiped down throughout the day, but to be safe, wipe it down before and after each use on the areas where it touches your exposed skin. Be sure to include the seat area on the bike and any buttons.

Check out this quick checklist of things you should do to prevent getting any germs at the gym:

  • Cover any cuts or broken skin with a bandage.
  • Wash hands before and after your workout.
  • Wipe down machines before and after use.
  • Bring your own water bottle, towels, and exercise mat.
  • Don’t sit on the locker-room bench naked.
  • Always wear flip-flops or shower shoes in the locker room and shower.
  • Don’t shave at the gym or immediately before going there.
  • Whenever possible, shower at home after your workout.
  • Keep dirty clothes and shoes in separate gym bag compartments or place  in a plastic bag.
  • Wash gym clothes after each use.
  • Examine your skin weekly. If you find a painful red spot or a bump, see your doctor.

Practice these tips each time you go to the gym. You want to keep  yourself safe and also prevent spreading any infections to the kids.

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Sometimes It’s Just You vs. You March 10, 2015

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While in school, I used to be an athlete.  I had coaches who helped me become better and better through daily practice and showing me that I can overcome any challenge.  I had teammates who would push me to be the best I could be. And I had those athletes with whom I competed against, testing my limits on a weekly basis.

But what happens when high school and college are over and you have no one to challenge you to word hard everyday to be the best, fit you you can be?  The coaches are gone, your teammates aren’t there, and there is no competitor waiting for you at the end of week. At this point in our adult lives, we must become all of those things. You must get yourself to your workouts and eating healthy foods, everyday you must be determined to live a healthy life, and you must compete against yourself to be better and better each day, week, month, and year.

No one should want you to be healthy and fit more than you.  And Ladies, don’t get confused, fit does NOT mean wearing a size zero. Fit is working hard to get and stay healthy, not only for yourself, but for your little ones and your family.  The only person standing in your way is you…so MOVE!

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3 Ways to To Prevent Bloat March 2, 2015

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For years I battled with digestive issues- you know that bloated feeling you get after eating a big meal? Well, imagine feeling that pain and bloat all day everyday. The only time I felt relief was first thing in the morning before food consumption would begin.  That pain was the main reason why I had little to no appetite and would only be able to eat once or twice a day.  I always felt full, so my brain never sent the message to my stomach that I needed to eat.  Until I decided to make these three changes:

Eat Healthier

This was the easiest part for me. Since I barely ate anyway, I really didn’t have to “give up” any bad foods that were in my diet at the time.  But what I did have to do was create a healthy meal plan.  A plan which would force me to eat at least five times per day- starting with a healthy breakfast (like oatmeal, eggs and blueberries), a healthy snack (like granola and Greek yogurt), a good lunch (like a spinach salad with dried cranberries, feta cheese, pecans, salmon, and an olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing), another snack (like sliced apples with peanut butter), and a small dinner (like asparagus and tilapia).

Adding these healthy items not only jump started my appetite, but they also provided enough protein and fiber to help prevent bloat. Oh, and not to mention at least a gallon of water to help with digestion. Speaking of water…

Stay Hydrated

I wasn’t drinking nearly enough water as I should have.  Once I increased my water intake, the bloat slowly, but surely started to go away. But the most effective way I have found to help ease my stomach pain and increase regularity, is to drink water hot or room temperature water with lemon. There are many benefits to drinking water in this way, but the most important ones are aiding in digestion and flushing out toxins, which are key in keeping the intestines and colon healthy. (Take Somaya’s 7 Day Water Challenge here.)

Enzymes Everyday

As my diet is current high in fiber and protein, I found that taking digestive enzymes at least once per day helped my body breakdown those foods to help prevent bloat. Fiber is non digestible and unabsorbable within the intestines. This means that it can travel through the intestinal tract having the potential to clog things up. The enzymes break it down to allow for normal digestion and decreased bloat.

Sometimes a great deal of our health problems can be solved by changing our diet.  Do you research, find what works for you, and watch how your body reacts. You deserve to feel good…make it happen!

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5 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil February 23, 2015

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Coconut oil and its million uses has become a trending topic in the healthy living lifestyle.  Coconut has  been dubbed a “superfood” by many and “lifesaver” by many more.  The fat in coconut oil has many health and fitness benefits, as it is digested and absorbed in the body much faster than other fats and is stored as energy, not fat. Yes, please!

In scientific studies, coconut oil has been shown to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol. Coconuts also have anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, and antiviral properties. In case you haven’t been sold on coconut oil yet, here are 5 great uses for the coconut…

1. Use for baking

Next time you make your favorite brownie or cake recipe, replace the vegetable oil with coconut oil. It creates the same texture as vegetable oil does, except it adds a more flavorful taste.  The kids will love it!

2. Use to make popcorn

First, add the coconut oil and popcorn to a heavy bottomed pot. Coat the inside of the pot with the oil and use just enough popcorn to make a single layer over the bottom of the pot. Shake the pot a bit to make sure all of the kernels are coated with oil. Next, place the pot over medium heat. Put a lid on the pot, leaving it  open slightly so that steam can escape. It should take about five minutes for the popcorn to pop completely. Toss or drizzle the popcorn with more coconut oil.

3. Use on bug bites

The natural pain relief properties of coconut oil is great to use directly on skin irritations and rashes like bug bites, poison ivy,and sunburn. Rub the oil on the affected area and let the sweet relief begin.  Keep a little jar of of it in your purse and you’ll alway be ready for those days at the pool, park, or soccer field with the kids.

4. Use to replace butter

Whether you’re make grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids or “buttering” their toast, a dollup of coconut oil is a healthier alternative to butter.

5. Use as a diaper cream

Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial that helps to soothe that stubborn diaper rash. So, the next time baby first shows signs of a diaper rash, slather on a layer of coconut oil to combat that itchy rash. As a bonus, use as a full body moisturizer to keep skin soft and supple…for you and baby.

Though there are thousands of great uses for coconut oil, I hope you found these five to be useful in your daily life.  There are always healthier alternatives to the foods we love and  most of the skin creams we use.  Take care of yourself and your children by getting to know those alternatives and choosing to live healthier in any way you can.

*Please note, if you or your baby have never used coconut oil before, be sure to test a small area of the skin to test for allergies.


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